Rachel is a fantastic leader in the solopreneur community! She is both committed and very authentic in supporting women business owners to be our best boss selves while also being kind and realistic as well! I’ve been very motivated and encouraged being a part of the group as I am just starting out as a soloprenuer and would highly recommend this group to anyone else who is doing the same!
— Christy B.
Rachel is the best gift-giver. In a one-hour online session, she gave me the gifts of more personal freedom, creativity, organization, and confidence by teaching me how to make a website and how to begin operating my own business. These can be hard gifts to receive, but not with Rachel - she gives instructions accessibly, anticipated what I needed to hear while also checking in with my feelings and needs, and was just plain fun to work with. I feel so thankful for Rachel and her gifts - she is kind, talented, smart, and my business would not exist without her.
— Cea R.
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Being part of the Feminist Founder Circle has been a godsend to my business. For one thing, it’s given me friends: friends whose lifestyles and professional goals and choices align with mine. That means we can easily get together to co-work, share ideas, and get feedback, all while avoiding rush hour. All of our meetings are centered around a entrepreneurial topic and facilitated expertly by Rachel. The group is friendly, flexible, and very valuable to my business growth. Rachel is a unique leader because she is an idea-woman and well-connected in DC. I recommend the Feminist Founder Circle to any woman millennial entrepreneur who is looking for business incubation, great friends, and a good time all in one.
— Eva J.