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1️⃣ Training on how to get 100% clarity on your TOP business and life goals

2️⃣ Learn how to create systems and solid habits to (actually) hit those goals

3️⃣ Stay focused and motivated from loving, yet firm, accountability check-ins

Listen up lady, you’re already an amazing individual.


You, and you alone, took the HUGE and scary risk of starting your own business.

From firsthand experience, though, I know it’s incredibly easy to get sucked into the day to day client and admin work that has you working IN your business, but not ON your business.

You know those tasks that keep getting left in the dust, the ideas and actions you know you need to take to build more revenue streams and, ultimately, more financial freedom so you can truly enjoy your life on this planet.

You probably know this, but you ARE NOT ALONE in this work/life struggle.

Thanks to our own limiting beliefs (#impostersyndrome), it’s damn hard to find, or make, the time to sit down and work on those important business development goals that you know will help your business succeed in the long-run, let alone those health, love, and #selfcare goals that seem to never pan out, despite how badly you want (or need) them.

Since starting my first business in 2015, I’ve had to learn how to make time for planning these important business and life goals in order to make sure I was using the rest of my time wisely…because time is money when you’re the boss!

Now I want to help you remedy these issues by inviting you to join my 3-month Accountability Squad designed to help you:

1️⃣ Get 100% clarity on your TOP business and life goals
2️⃣ Create systems and solid habits to (actually) hit those goals
3️⃣ Stay focused and motivated from loving, yet firm, accountability check-ins

If you’ve done #allthethings: read ebooks, invested in conferences, hired a coach, bought courses (you maybe didn't finish), joined a mastermind, and skimmed tons of articles, but still feel stuck in life and in your work, this groups is for YOU.

My personal goal is to help you determine ONE BIG GOAL and the action steps you need to take that will significantly push your business forward or drastically increase your annual revenue.

Beyond that, and maybe more importantly, I want to guide you through a process for creating a balanced, happy lifestyle that allows you to actually enjoy your free time (I really struggle with this because sometimes I feel like I don’t “deserve it” since there always seems to be more work to be done)!

After an initial kickoff call and deep dive into identifying your business and life goals, we’ll get you set up to make progress in your life by the end of this quarter.

That’s right, in a little less than 3 months my mission is for you to achieve that one big goal in your business and help you figure out what to do to live a more fulfilled life.

Ok, I’ve already talked your ears off, well….eyeballs I guess, so are you ready for all the deets?!

Your Host, Rachel Wynn  👋🏽

Your Host, Rachel Wynn 👋🏽


Month 1 | Kickoff Call + 90-Minute LIVE Goal Clarity Training Session

📲 + Scheduled 30 minute 1:1 call with Rachel to get feedback on goals and action steps

Month 2 | Virtual Tea and Coffee Date Call
Grab a mug of your favorite tea, coffee, or daytime cocktail and we’ll do video call to check in on your progress toward that ONE big goal, I’m here to cheer you along! Gold stickers will be awarded…no joke

📲 + Scheduled 30 minute 1:1 call with Rachel to discuss any hurdles you’re facing

Month 3 | The OMG Shit Is Getting Real Call
Now that we’re just one month away from hitting that ONE big goal, let’s get real and problem solve with anyone who is struggling with their action steps. We’ll assess, perhaps adjust some stuff, and then get you ready for our final sprint! On this call, expect to get a friendly kick in the butt if needed!

📲 + Scheduled 30 minute 1:1 call with Rachel to make sure you’re on track to hit that ONE goal

At End of Month 3 | The Goal Celebration Call
You DID it! Sure, maybe it’s not perfect, but you had what it took to achieve that ONE big goal that will significantly push your business forward or drastically increase your annual revenue! This call will be scheduled in the evening so that we can have a virtual (or IRL if you’re in the DC-area) happy hour to celebrate your success!


➡️ 100% clarity on your ONE big business goal so you know exactly what you’re working toward

➡️ Connections with other entrepreneurs who understand the joys (& struggles) of being a boss

➡️ Accountability through weekly check-in emails and monthly 1:1 calls

➡️ Feedback on your critical questions or struggles on our monthly calls

➡️ Rachel’s “Connects + Reccs” to people, events, and opportunities to forward your business

➡️ Member Portal with stored resources (squad directory, top productivity tools, worksheets, etc.)

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= $299

Monthly Payment Plan = $119




Hi there, I’m Rachel Wynn, the Founder and CEO of both Starlight Social and Feminist Founder. I’m proud to share that I built Starlight Social from the ground up with no outside funding and now have an incredible business partner and team of 4 where our company earns $88,000+ in annual revenue!

I’m a savvy go-getter with a passion for collaboration with other women entrepreneurs, connecting colleagues with opportunities and resources, and empowering women to start and grow their own business while also balance household emotional labor that saps time that you could be spent on building your career.

I’m an avid fan of sci-fi TV and movies, enjoy baking sweet treats, and channeling my anger toward the patriarchy in the form of archery and boxing. I currently live next to Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC with my darling partner, David, and precious dog-child, Rufus Apollo Poms-Wynn.


Q: Who is this group designed for?
I love working with those who self-identify as women or are non-binary, but I’m also open to working with men

Q: How often is this offered?
I’ll be offering this every quarter! I like to start at the beginning of each quarter, January, April, July, October, but I’m flexible.

Q: What if I don’t hit my goal in one quarter/term?
I would fling myself onto my couch and cry for days. But in all seriousness, if you don’t hit your goal by our end date, I haven’t done my job which is why I have lot’s of different methods in place to keep you on track!

There are lot’s of groups and masterminds out there, some amazing, some shitty, so let’s make a deal? If you 100% show up to all calls, do the work, and still don’t hit your goal, I’ll offer you a free 60 minute video call with me so we can figure out what the heck happened!

Q: Can I join this for Q2, Q3…or more?
Look at you being all ambitious, love it! Yes, if you like this program and how much you’re getting done, feel free to join in as often as you like!

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