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So there’s been a lot of talk in the news and in blogs on invisible labor (sometimes incorrectly labeled as emotional labor when related to the home) and the perils of housework.

What’s been missing from the conversation is what you can actually DO to identify and resolve the issues in your own home which is why I’ve created 2 resources!

Invisible Labor Action Packet | $4.99

  • Rachel’s Invisible Labor Recommended Reading List

  • “The Talk” PDF Guide (with link to Emma comic)

  • Template for Household Chore Sheet

  • Some Simple Word Track for Pushing Back on Emotional Labor in the Office


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Solving Invisible Labor in YOUR Home | $49-149

  • 1:1 coaching on your specific household and how to create more balance

  • Call or video call, whatever you prefer!

  • INVESTMENT | 30 Min = $49 | 60 Min = $99 | 90 Min = $149 |


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Signature Presentation: Invisible Labor is Killing Your Career: How to Stop Doing #AllTheThings