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Design Your Time: How to Get More Done & Get Free to Focus as a Creative





01. How to make “I’ll end work on time today” truthful again, even if you only have a few hours a day to do it all. 

02. The 3 key ingredients to simplify your systems & make inboxing less of a buzzkill, so you’re not reinventing the wheel every time.

03. My #1 tip to recharge your creative juices, WITHOUT sacrificing all your sanity & free time.

04. How to nix overwhelm and see how much your time is worth to your business, so you can fit in more high-ROI work

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CoWorking at WeWork White House

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There's a pilot program to allow Meetups to host events at certain WeWork branches. It's currently free, so we get to try out the White House branch today. This is our second visit at the popular White House branch (lots of comfy couch spaces) with this program so hopefully all the pertinent details are here.

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CREATIVE BOOST — PUNCH UP YOUR PROCESSES: A New Way to Think About Business Operations


Business operations. Business processes. Operational infrastructure. Just thinking about these terms probably puts you halfway to sleep or sends you running for the nearest exit. But that is about to change….

Without a distinct and deliberate approach to operations, a business can’t fully function: no one would know where they fit in, what they were supposed to do, or how to do it. This leaves a business unprepared to handle growth, changes, or setbacks of any kind and vulnerable to slipping into chaos.

This energetic workshop for small business owners and managers will help you think about the inner workings of your business in a new way! 



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CoWorking with Rachel at Manhattan Laundry


DC CoWorking Lady Rachel is a member of WeWork Manhattan Laundry, and she has graciously offered to host a small group at her location today.

- This event is only open to DC Ladies Meetup members who have signed up, and walk-ins will not be allowed.
- If the RSVPs are full then put yourself on the waitlist, and check back before the event to see if there are cancellations. (If you are signed up and know you won't make it, please consider making the spot available for the others by the evening before.)
- There's a space to fill in your full name when you sign up here, so that Rachel can register her guests. Bring a photo ID to the Meetup.
- When you arrive at WeWork, check in via the guest registration tablet at the front desk, as a guest of Rachel Poms.
- We will be in the open space area.



FREE, max 6 ladies so RSVP required

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Working in Slack

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Many of your daily tasks can be made simpler with Slack. We’ll walk you through how to complete a few common work-related tasks in Slack and introduce a little magic along the way.

This is a special opportunity to learn first hand from trainers who specialize in teaching people how to get the most out of Slack. Tune in live and bring your questions.


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Making Time: Aligning Your Calendar to Your Important Work

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Do you spend your time putting out fires at work and home? At the end of the day or week did you make progress on important work? Are you really crazy busy or are maybe distracted and unfocused?

Do you even know how you spent your time in the last week? Last month? Does it align with what is important to you?

Each week has 168 hours. Time is a finite resource and how we use it is a choice.



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Using QuickBooks Online Accounting

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This seminar will assist you in getting started with the QuickBooks Online accounting system. We will cover the recording of your financial transactions from all sources into QuickBooks. Recordkeeping concepts, accounting principles and some tax aspects will be covered as well.

A case study will be used so you will be able to follow all steps from data entry to generation of financial statements. We will also try to address any unique bookkeeping issues relative to your business. You will need to bring your laptop to be involved since you will be accessing QuickBooks from your laptop.

For those who have already registered with the QuickBooks Online version you will need a secondary email address to access the software. This is an introductory session to the online version of QuickBooks only and you may need additional assistance from qualified professionals to expand your use of the accounting software post-workshop.


TICKETS: Event Fee - $60

Walk-In Fee - $70

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Learn to Lead Better Meetings: A Workshop

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Let me ask you something, do your meetings feel like a waste of time? Do you gather your team in a conference room for an unproductive hour trying to make progress on a project? Are staff focused on their phones and not the conversation?

Nodding in agreement? Here's some real talk, your meeting is a hot mess. We crave a crisp meeting (even if we don’t admit it). They strengthen relationships, help progress and knowledge sharing, and enable decision-making.

What if I told you I can help you run a productive and effective meeting - one you know your staff craves? That I have the workshop to help you take your next meeting to a new level. Are you interested in leading a better meeting?

This workshop teaches you the exact foundational skills you must have and frankly need to run a better meeting.

By investing in your meeting skills you will help focus your work, smooth communication, and guide decision making. Better meetings empower your growth - as a professional, team, and company.


Ticket: $45


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Healthy Hustle: Productivity and Habit Formation

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This one-of-a-kind webinar will allow participants to examine their current habits and how they shape their productivity and well-being. After completing a thorough assessment as well as setting goals that meet their self-determined definition of success, the participants will learn how they can use behavioral science to troubleshoot barriers to healthy habit formation, identify healthy alternatives to negative practices, implement positive habits that foster a better work-life balance, and build a plan for accountability and maintenance.


General Admission: $38

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Power Talk: Conversations with Women Leaders, Thinkers and Dreamers

Power Talk.png

Who do you want to be in 2018? What’s standing in the way of fulfilling dreams and navigating new avenues of life that will lead to more passion? Bestselling author of books that empower women, Iris Krasnow will lead you on a journey into the soul of self that willl inspire you into action to tackle your To Do list with energy and urgency. She will also outline a six step plan that will propel you into a more focused start to a New Year designed to bring on success and fulfillment.

We are delighted that Iris is the first in a series of conversations we will be hosting with visionary women in the DC Metro Area. Future conversations of our Power Talk series will address navigating difficult conversations, mastering the tough climb for women in business and much more!

Light fare, wine and great networking included!


Ticket Prices: $30 - $35

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Cash Confident Women DC: How to Make #MoneyGoals Part of Your Daily Routine


Cash Confident Women: How to Make Money Goals Part of Your Daily Routine

To make your dreams and goals come true, you need to first see yourself there. Do you want the big dollars while doing work that adds value? Join this candid conversation for professional women on setting goals, to earn (more) money, meaning and mobility.

In this workshop, we’ll share daily hacks for increasing financial confidence and earning power. You’ll learn to:

- Stay accountable to your money goals and not get off track

- Manage your to-list so that it increases your earning potential

- Make building wealth an easy part of your daily routine without giving up Starbucks

- Set up better systems for money-making endeavors, so you can step away from work every so often without the fear that everything will suddenly fall apart

We’ll also share case studies from real women and how they tackled their #moneygoals

Featuring a Q&A Panel with Women Financial Experts who will answer your questions on everything from budgeting, to wealth building and entering the second phase of life with cash in the bank.




Jamila Payne is the CEO of Ideas Action Design, a personal growth training company that provides seminars, speaking services and a line of planners, notebooks, and calendars to corporate clients and women leaders.

She’s revolutionizing the way busy professionals work by teaching Daily Success Routine™, a productivity method she’s developed for conquering goals and creating flow between work and home life. Jamila’s Success Circle, a 1,000+ community for goal-getting women business owners has Chapters in Philadelphia, New York, and DC.

Jamila has trained over 15,000 entrepreneurs and leaders across the U.S. and Africa.

She is the author of several books, including From Payne to Power and Daily Success for Teams - 7 Principles to Create an Entrepreneurial Work Place, releasing this fall.

Jamila is an award-winning business owner, selected as a “40 Under 40 Entrepreneur to Watch” by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

She’s a Small Business Contributor for the Huffington PostBlack Enterprise Magazine, and Jamila’s work has been featured in InStyle, Entrepreneur MagazineNew York Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

HOSTED BY WeWork Dupont Circle





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Creating productive spaces at home for back-to-school


We are so pleased to reintroduce this meetup under the SheCapitol initiative. SheCapitol was founded on ONE principle - No Woman Left Behind

We work to help the women entrepreneurs in our community through collaborative events to Encourage, Inspire and Empower her.

Come have a coffee with us and Valerie Navarre of Take 2 Decorating to talk about creating spaces at home that not only inspire you but also allow you to focus and be productive. This may be a home office or a focused study space for you or your children.

We'll explore tips to create a productive space by:

• Merging Function & Beauty 

• Creating a Left Brain - Right Brain balance: Artwork, decorating pieces, colors, pictures, memories... AND tasks lists, trophies, supplies, equipment 

• Engaging your 5 senses: Sight. Sound. Touch. Taste. Smell. 

• Including Feng shui & Ergonomics considerations.

Come have a coffee with us :)

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