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What Does Authority Sound Like?: The Female Voice of Leadership

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Bossy. BitchyShrill.

Do any of those words ring a bell - or make you cringe - when you think of a woman speaking with authority?

Everyone is talking about what really holds women back in the workplace: vocal patterns like upspeak and vocal fry, too much “just” or “sorry”, an inability to Lean In or crack The Confidence Code....and there’s a lot of noise out there about what does and does not work.

So are we supposed to express ourselves with confidence and clarity? What does leadership SOUND like?

In this highly interactive workshop, Casey Erin Clark, co-founder of Vital Voice Training, will give you a crash course on:

  • How to find a voice that sounds like YOU, but communicates how you want others to see you

  • How society sees authority and power in communication and how you can fit into that framework

  • The habits that lead to common vocal issues which keep us from feeling confident and being present

  • How to access power even when you don’t feel powerful

Attendees can expect to be on their feet and using their voices several times within the workshop, all within a safe and supported exploration outside of comfort zones. All participation is voluntary, of course, and our participants always have a blast.

Co-Hosted by Rachel Wynn of Feminist Founder.

FOR WHOM: Women+ who want to access their more confident, powerful voices - especially aspiring or current leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.


TICKET COST: $35 – $45

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Emotional Labor 101: How to Stop Doing #AllTheThings at Home

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Women are naturally more empathetic and patient, enjoy running a household, and are the obvious choice for nurturing the children...right?

The patriarchal message that women’s time and work is inherently less valuable is a systemic one and, conveniently, gives men an excuse to be lazy while women silently pick up the slack. Yes, men today do a higher amount of household work than any generation before them, but working women, especially working moms, continue to do, on average, 50% more.

From the endless mental lists to picking up the right brand of toilet paper at the store, women perform a disproportionate amount of unpaid "emotional labor" at home which saps time and energy that could be spent building their careers. 

Rachel Wynn of Feminist Founder will present and lead a discussion on emotional labor that will cover: 

• What emotional labor is and isn't, explained visually via a hilarious and informative feminist comic 
• How our society perpetuates the stereotype of "women's work" 
• Re-training your mindset to "drop the ball", as author Tiffany Dufu suggests (sometimes we're our own worst critic!) 
• Concrete steps on how to communicate with your partner and design a system to create an equitable household

Attendees will also receive a hard copy or PDF of Rachel's "Emotional Labor Action Packet" that includes:

○ Emotional labor book recommendations
○ Library of articles on emotional labor in the home and at work
○ Script for having "The Talk" with your partner
○ Household chore spreadsheet template

This event is gender-inclusive and pinot noir, pinot grigio (21+), and sparkling cider will be served. To avoid EB fees, feel free to Venmo RachelRazzle5 + your email address to save your spot.



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Black Girl Ventures DC: They Pitch, You Vote, Women Win!

Black Girl Ventures DC They Pitch, You Vote, Women Win!.jpg

Black Girl Ventures teams up with Bumble Bizz and Deloitte to bring you the Fall 2018 BGV DC Pitch Competition.


Black Girl Ventures creates place-based initiatives to provide access to capital for Black women entrepreneurs. Our mission is to use entrepreneurship support and training as a vehicle for poverty alleviation and wealth building. Black women founders are underserved, unbanked and underfunded. It's time to change that! Donations are optional. Want to pitch? Apply here


The BGV Pitch Competition, flips the traditional pitch competition on its head: we allow the audience to donate, eliminate the panel of judges, and empower the community (audience) to ask questions and vote for the winner.


TICKET COST: $0 -$500

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Vinetta Project September Female Founder Showcase

Vinetta Project September Female Founder Showcase.jpg

The Event

The Vinetta Showcase is a two-hour, high-impact pitch and panel series. An esteemed panel consisting of three active investors and one founder of a successful startup gather to listen to pitches of top female founders, ask tough questions, and deliver actionable feedback.

Our invited audience is an engaged community of actionable entrepreneurs, venture influencers, young professionals and service providers who all see the massive growth potential for investing in female founders.

The Challenge

The Vinetta Project’s DC Chapter has partnered with GSP Financial Services and Paley Rothman, to host our third annual Venture Challenge. The winning founder will take home $20,000 in cash. At this event, you will see four finalists pitch their companies.



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How to Say NO: The Art of Professional Pushback

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In this interactive presentation, Rachel will guide you on:

○ When to professionally push-back and what to say to the client
○ How to fire a client without completely burning the bridge
○ Physical and verbal practice for confidently saying NO
○ Crafting your own email templates and word tracks

➡️ RSVP and confirm your seat:


✨ About Feminist Founder: "The Circle" ✨ 

Back in 2015 I was 25 and had just launched a social media company and was ready for the challenges that came with being a businesswoman in a patriarchal world. I was not prepared for the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey and what it really took to get a business off the ground.

It's easy to feel alone when you're self-employed, especially if you work from home. I found myself yearning for a community of trusted peers whom I could learn from and grow with.

In 2016, Feminist Founder: “The Circle” was born to serve other fierce female founders like me struggling to navigate life as an entrepreneur. We meet monthly to:

• Offer advice support and honest feedback
• Hold each other accountable to goals
• Collaborate on co-hosting events or attend events as a group
• Share profitability, marketing and craft strategies
• Craft our ideal work-to-life ratio

➡️ Learn more:

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