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The Hustler's Guide to Hack Your PR $50 OFF

The Hustlers Guide to Hack Your PR $50 OFF.jpg

You deserve to have your story told. Your mission can’t have a maximum impact if you don’t maximize your reach. Press can do that for you, and do it quickly.

X+PR will host a summer workshop series on how to get you the press you need and deserve for yourself as a thought leader or for your business.

With everyone vying for media attention, it's important to know how to break through the noise with the right tactics and stories to quickly and effectively capture media attention.

And when you DO get that media opportunity, how you show up MATTERS -- to YOU. We’ll close out the session at Femme Fatale where you can get help from local fashion designers, stylists and makeup artists on your signature look.


TICKET COST: $150 – $199