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Virtual Talk Series | Systemize It Pt. 2 - Operations Edition

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Learn more together with the group on this Creative Women's Co. virtual event via our facebook group live video.

Virtual Talk Series | Systemize It Pt. 2 - Operations Edition with Melissa Leger

In Systematize It: Operations Edition, Melissa Leger from Ground Floor Partners will guide participants through an interactive session of creating systems in their business to help find more balance and improve performance in their business.

Melissa Leger is a Small Business Consultant with Ground Floor Partners she has a wide range of experience from the military, hospitality, financial services, and entrepreneurship. Her passion is helping other entrepreneurs work through the challenges that all small business face. Her expertise lies in systemization, working through employee issues, training, and development, and helping business owners find freedom through their business. In her spare time, she likes to travel, play with her dogs, garden, and cook.