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Invest in Success: Own your Leadership Style Power Workshop

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How do you show up as a leader?

Leadership Style Power™ workshops engage + empower your high potential leaders as we unlock their potential and help them define their Leadership Style Power™.

Developing your sense of leadership style begins with seeing and knowing yourself as a leader, and creating your own authentic style and brand. Leadership Style Power™ starts with getting grounded in your values, goals and yourself to help you come away with a clear sense of how you want to show up as a leader—both figuratively and literally.

Why should you join us?

Own your Presence, Evolve your Style and Transform your Career …

Communication is 55% physical – your energy, your presence, your power. How you literally show up. (Mehrabian)

Enclothed Cognition is real – what you wear impacts how you PERFORM. (2012 Galinsky)

Consider: How are you presenting yourself? As a leader? Or simply fitting into a predetermined mold? Or, worse, stuck in a rut?

If 2018 is the year you grow your business, get the promotion and increase your influence and visibility, then you need to look at your Leadership Style Power.