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Vinception Live: My secret cookbook of the growth hacks I use to solve the 10 biggest problems all entrepreneurs face”

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Vinception definition: The act of convincing a client (usually out of one’s league) to buy from you by making the client think it is their own idea. Do you need a big kick? Nod your head if any of the below feel familiar to you:

1. You find it hard to stand out in a competitive market

2. You have a low conversion on your website

3. You have no email list/leads to warm up

4. Clients “ ghost” you after you send a proposal

5. You can’t get anyone to my webinars/talks/live shows

6. You have small margins on what you sell

7. You find it hard to get consistent leads

8. No one cares about what you do

9. You can’t think of anything to create content on

10. You need to get a lot of leads fast and don’t know where to start. 

In this webinar, I will give you the methods I’ve used to solve all of the above problems for my own companies (four six-figure companies built in the past four years, have raised Hundreds of thousands of dollars in venture capital, and released a book which made $175,000 On Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Amazon).