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Co-Working at the Library of Congress!


• What we'll do
Hello DC Ladies - trying someplace I've never been to for next week's Meetup! We'll be at the Library of Congress in the Main Reading Room / Jefferson Building (we're aiming to sit in the far back right section furthest from the entrance, such as desk #341 or 316...). Debbie has more experience working at this location so here are her tips:

1) You'll need to get a library card, but that's pretty easy, just bring ID.
2) You will also not be able to take much into the Reading room (they give you a flat, clear, plastic bag), but there is a coat check where I put my bags, I just bring in my laptop, charger, phone, water bottle and ID with me.
3) Bring a light jacket since it gets cold after a while.
4) It is also Extremely Quiet and we won't be able to talk, except maybe with notes (so if you have any calls scheduled, this may not be the best day to come out).
5) It's very pretty though.
6) I also check my lunch in the coat/bag check, and eat outside at the picnic tables during a break.

Hope to see you there!