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Learn to Lead Better Meetings: A Workshop

Learn to Lead Better Meetings A Workshop.jpg

Let me ask you something, do your meetings feel like a waste of time? Do you gather your team in a conference room for an unproductive hour trying to make progress on a project? Are staff focused on their phones and not the conversation?

Nodding in agreement? Here's some real talk, your meeting is a hot mess. We crave a crisp meeting (even if we don’t admit it). They strengthen relationships, help progress and knowledge sharing, and enable decision-making.

What if I told you I can help you run a productive and effective meeting - one you know your staff craves? That I have the workshop to help you take your next meeting to a new level. Are you interested in leading a better meeting?

This workshop teaches you the exact foundational skills you must have and frankly need to run a better meeting.

By investing in your meeting skills you will help focus your work, smooth communication, and guide decision making. Better meetings empower your growth - as a professional, team, and company.


Ticket: $45