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Mexico Monarchs Adventure Retreat • Your Adventurous Life


Be a Part of the Magic at the Mexico Monarchs Adventure Retreat!

Hi! I’m Megan, and I’m so excited to introduce to you the Mexico retreat I’ve had in my heart and mind to share for a while now. This is a 1-week getaway that includes a mixture of travel experiences plus refueling, revamping and bringing in lots of attention to the beautiful adventurous spirit within you. On this trip, you’ll get to explore and experience incredible features of Mexico, from its colorful culture, intriguing ancient ruins, and its unique natural wonders(as like I said, Monarchs! Everywhere! Wow!).

This isn’t just a tour. And it’s not just a retreat. It’s a medley of the two to allow for a sacred space to focus on yourself, while also weaving in the splendor of venturing to new places and trying new experiences. This is designed to inspire, expand and enhance where you are in life, coming away with a recharged focus on living the life that makes your heart sing. Relaxing yet energizing, a joyful declaration of self-care and growth.


Price: $2295