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#MeToo: An Atlantic Exchange


The #MeToo movement has forced a reckoning. From clear-cut cases of assault, harassment and misogyny to poor communication, bad dates, and uncomfortable situations — American society is wrestling with what gender and power mean in the workplace and in personal relationships. It is a debate that cuts across culture, gender, class, race, and generations. Four months after the first reports of abuse and harassment opened a floodgate of #MeToo experiences and led to long-overdue accountability, what is the next chapter in the movement? Is the definition of harassment shifting, and who decides?

As individuals, society, and workplaces undergo urgent reflection, The Atlantic will offer a frank conversation with the writers whose criticism and observation has defined the moment: Caitlin Flanagan, Megan Garber, Adrienne LaFrance and Gillian White.


Later Event: February 13
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