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The 2019 Spectrum Awards Luncheon: A Celebration of Innovative Women

The 2019 Spectrum Circle Awards luncheon is the signature annual fundraising event for The Spectrum Circle ( which brings together a gathering of influential and innovative people from business, technology, media, policy, government, finance and other fields in Washington, DC. 

Women featured at The Spectrum Circle utilize their life stories, experiences, authentic conversations and backgrounds to change perceptions, inform others and inspire women to follow their unique paths to success. A plethora of women who are makers, researchers, educators, creatives, executives, leaders, innovators, drivers and influencers in business or industry are featured at The Spectrum Circle programs. The Spectrum Circle brand is loosely based and homage to an African American female superhero named Spectrum (Marvel) who uses the power of energy to change the world. 



In the Circle Hostess - $500.00

Individual Award Luncheon Ticket - $180.00