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What Does Authority Sound Like?: The Female Voice of Leadership

What Does Authority Sound Like The Female Voice of Leadership.png

Bossy. BitchyShrill.

Do any of those words ring a bell - or make you cringe - when you think of a woman speaking with authority?

Everyone is talking about what really holds women back in the workplace: vocal patterns like upspeak and vocal fry, too much “just” or “sorry”, an inability to Lean In or crack The Confidence Code....and there’s a lot of noise out there about what does and does not work.

So are we supposed to express ourselves with confidence and clarity? What does leadership SOUND like?

In this highly interactive workshop, Casey Erin Clark, co-founder of Vital Voice Training, will give you a crash course on:

  • How to find a voice that sounds like YOU, but communicates how you want others to see you

  • How society sees authority and power in communication and how you can fit into that framework

  • The habits that lead to common vocal issues which keep us from feeling confident and being present

  • How to access power even when you don’t feel powerful

Attendees can expect to be on their feet and using their voices several times within the workshop, all within a safe and supported exploration outside of comfort zones. All participation is voluntary, of course, and our participants always have a blast.

Co-Hosted by Rachel Wynn of Feminist Founder.

FOR WHOM: Women+ who want to access their more confident, powerful voices - especially aspiring or current leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs.


TICKET COST: $35 – $45

Later Event: December 5
Walker's Legacy #WLPower15