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Emotional Labor 101: How to Stop Doing #AllTheThings at Home

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Women are naturally more empathetic and patient, enjoy running a household, and are the obvious choice for nurturing the children...right?

The patriarchal message that women’s time and work is inherently less valuable is a systemic one and, conveniently, gives men an excuse to be lazy while women silently pick up the slack. Yes, men today do a higher amount of household work than any generation before them, but working women, especially working moms, continue to do, on average, 50% more.

From the endless mental lists to picking up the right brand of toilet paper at the store, women perform a disproportionate amount of unpaid "emotional labor" at home which saps time and energy that could be spent building their careers. 

Rachel Wynn of Feminist Founder will present and lead a discussion on emotional labor that will cover: 

• What emotional labor is and isn't, explained visually via a hilarious and informative feminist comic 
• How our society perpetuates the stereotype of "women's work" 
• Re-training your mindset to "drop the ball", as author Tiffany Dufu suggests (sometimes we're our own worst critic!) 
• Concrete steps on how to communicate with your partner and design a system to create an equitable household

Attendees will also receive a hard copy or PDF of Rachel's "Emotional Labor Action Packet" that includes:

○ Emotional labor book recommendations
○ Library of articles on emotional labor in the home and at work
○ Script for having "The Talk" with your partner
○ Household chore spreadsheet template

This event is gender-inclusive and pinot noir, pinot grigio (21+), and sparkling cider will be served. To avoid EB fees, feel free to Venmo RachelRazzle5 + your email address to save your spot.



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