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The Emotional Labor Union: Anger

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"I am angry. We should all be angry. Anger has a long history of bringing about change." -Chimamanda Ngozi

Anger is one of those emotions that is unsettling societally for women to show. We're all familiar with the angry black woman trope but really only men are 'allowed' to show anger without being questioned. Why is it this way?

Women are socially conditioned from a young age to stifle anger since it is seen as divisive. How many of you have gotten so mad about something you've burst into tears? Yeah, me too. How do we reclaim this emotion in a healthy way?

Anger is a necessary and reasonable response to many situations in life so why is it that women are in many ways not allowed to access it? We'll address the following questions:

How are some ways we show anger without actually getting angry?

What power is there in accessing anger?

How do we reclaim anger and help others do the same?

What are some healthy ways to express anger and let it flow out of us without it becoming destructive?

We'll also commune and share stories of times we've gotten angry and support each other in choosing this emotion.

As always there will be wine, snacks and a good time!*