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The Emotional Labor Union: #metoo


every protest. every voice. every

sound we have made. in defense

of our existence. has shaken the

entire universe. it is trembling.

-Nayyirah Waheed

The explosion of #metoo in October 2017 is changing everything. Or at least it feels like it has. There's a renewed hope in the air that sexual harassment and assault will become a thing of the past. That women - by speaking out - may finally be able to assert autonomy over their own bodies.

Whether you participated online in #metoo or behind closed doors with close friends - we all have stories.

Maybe you weren't sure if what happened to you counts as sexual assault. Maybe you brushed it off as 'just something that happens to women.' Maybe you stood your ground and found a way to take back your autonomy.

Whatever the outcome we are all survivors and our stories deserve to be told because our voices and our experiences are powerful.

Come share your stories* or share how this movement has affected you. We'll also brainstorm ways to keep this momentum going.

*this topic can be triggering for some. No one will be pressured to share but the door is always open for those who do.

**this session will be recorded and potentially published as a podcast. Everyone will have the option to have their identities kept anonymous.

The Mission: The Emotional Labor Union provides a space for everyone that identifies as female to get in touch with her own thoughts, feelings, and experiences, empowering her to reconnect with herself and go out into world to articulate them clearly and with confidence.


Ticket Price: $25