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How to Prioritize: Time Management Techniques Webinar

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**When it gets closer, we will send you the log-in link. If you're unable to attend, we will send you a recording post-webinar.**

Ever feel like you're drowning in work? Unsure of what - or how - to prioritize? This webinar is for you.

The the secret to getting ahead is getting started. And that, the secret of getting started is managing your time by breaking your complex and overwhelming tasks into manageable tasks. 

The course will expose participants to tools (mechanics/tactics) and concepts (mindsets) to help ensure that women are effective and efficient with their time, leading to a more well organized and timeliness completion of tasks and satisfaction.


Key takeaways:

  • An understanding of time management best practices for future application
  • A better understanding of how to manage themselves and identify priorities
  • A high-level understanding what personal blocks they have to time management that might be holding them back
  • Tools to help take your ability to assess, prioritize and make tasks mangeable


About the instructor
Victoria Repka-Geller, IMBA, CIC is a Chief Marketing Officer at a boutique Manhattan advertising agency, as well as, a career and life transformational coach, speaker, corporate trainer, and marketing/advertising consultant with over 18+ years experience in Advertising and Marketing.

Victoria has a 5-step proprietary “Leave Your Tale Behind”coaching approach which allows her clients to make clear and informed decisions, transforming their careers and lives. Victoria’s customized strategic approach results in an achievable roadmap for growth and action plan for success, leading to more effective and efficient efforts and a sense of personal accomplishment and unshakeable confidence. Victoria developed this signature system through a series of 136 one-on-one interviews, her studies at NYU and her extensive background in neuroscience and behavioral studies. She has been featured in the NYTimes People on the Move Series, WSJ’s The High Cost of Avoiding Conflict at Work and Barbara Stanny’s Sacred Success.


How to access the webinar
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Can't attend?
We'll send you a recording of the webinar.


Ticket Price: $18