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Show Me the Clients! When Marketing Meets Sales

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We know we need marketing to generate leads. And we know we need to convert those leads to sales. But how?

Sometimes making it happen is more difficult than it looks, especially when you’re running everything yourself. No one is giving you the tools and strategies you can use to make the cash register ring.

In this workshop we won’t just tell you how to start those client conversations, but show you how to continue them all the way through to repeat sales.

Take control of your sales process.

In this extended half day workshop you’ll discover simple ways to generate leads for your business, how to have a sales conversation that actually results in revenue, and the workflows and processes to make it all happen seamlessly.

You’ll leave with:

  • Marketing strategies you can use right away to attract clients 

  • 3 to 4 compelling questions to ask in a sales conversation that will win you more business

  • Email templates for cold sales contacts, follow up and closing sales

Get the conversation started and keep it going until you make a successful sale.


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Sherron is a CEO, marketing and communication consultant, writer, speaker, and professor. For more than a decade, she has imparted her wisdom and expertise in marketing, communications, branding, and design. As CEO of the P3 Solution, a marcomm company, Sherron has an outstanding record of achievement in creating innovative marketing and communication solutions for non-profit organizations, associations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. She is also a business and communication professor at two local universities and is the author of Market Simple: The Blueprint I Wish I Had Before I Started A Business.

KIM FREDRICH, The Stylish Marketer

Kim is The Stylish Marketer, teaching women how to sell better so they can win more business. Working with women one-on-one to find their sales confidence, develop personalized compelling questions to keep sales conversations going, and role playing until everyone feels comfortable asking for, and getting, the sale.

LISA SHAUGHNESSY, Simplified Business Workflows

Lisa Shaughnessy is the founder and principal consultant at inkerB Consulting LLC, where her focus is helping small businesses organize, develop, and streamline their processes. While working with clients on their marketing and sales processes, Lisa saw the need for more intensive work on creating follow up strategies and messaging. Combining her 25 years' experience in government, corporate, and small business settings to create personalized and powerful follow up messages, Lisa launched The site is her platform to educate small businesses on how to follow up in a way that feels authentic, yet purposeful. She offers 1:1 consulting, workshops, and seminars so small businesses can confidently follow up to gain and retain clients, and increase repeat business. Lisa’s signature program, Follow Up Like A Boss, has garnered praise from small businesses from a variety of industries for the innovative way she approaches following up; especially the personal, conversational, and invitational phrases that are a hallmark of her follow up system. Lisa lives with her husband and dog in Northern Virginia where they're adjusting to life as empty-nesters.


Ticket Prices: $149 - $199